How to use NCS Music in your videos ? | How to use music on YouTube without copyright stick.

Hi everyone this is and in today's article, I will be explaining to you guys how to use free music in your videos without getting a copyright strike.

because if you get multiple copyright strikes on your YouTubechannel YouTube will basically delete your YouTube channel.

so in today's article, I am going to talk about one of my favorite free music YouTube channels that has over 9 million subscribers and over2 billion views.

so I think half of you already may know about this channel this is called any guesses guide so the channel name is Ncs NoCopyrightSounds for this channel. 

and Ncs no copyright sounds they make free music for YouTubecreators like us so that we can use their music in our videos without getting a copyright strike from YouTube.

but you must include some of the things in your video's description such as you have to credit the track and see is the artist and also have to put the link to the original video in your video descriptions.

so I'm going to show you guys how to do all that and how to download NCS music tracks to use in your videos so now let's get into this.

#1 - guys, right now we are on YouTube page so the first thing you need to do is type here in the search box Ncs or NoCopyrightSounds and then you will get this NoCopyrightSounds.

#2 - let's click on the channel so to add this kind of music in your video what you have to do is you have to go to the description box and click on show more here.

and then here you can see this is the main section guys NoCopyrightSounds is a record label that connects content creators with a fine sound to enhance the creativity and popularity of their content which is safer for any copyright infringement want to use this class. 

you must put this in the description box so you have to basically you just copy this and when you are using this music in your video. 

you have to pay to assist your description box basically what it is, it's a song name and then this artist name it says it's and Ncs leaves and this is the link to this YouTube video as. 

#3 - so at then six through and this is to download this track.

and the other way to download and this is basically what I do is there are like hundreds of these to convert or download beauty video. 

#4 - just copy this link go to then just paste that link here click on convert video and see if it just fetch that video.

here and you just click on download and which let's click on save so we have you know downloaded the video so and one more thing. 

I want to tell you like this is the DSA missed you know who's to say they're most popular or music track Allen Walker fade so this is one of their old videos so what the Kachin that is in this kind of videos. 

in their old videos, they never put that kind of format that you just copy it so here as you can see if you use our music you must include this in the description of this video include the full title of this slide so what you have to do.

After editing the video just upload on youtube and you have to copy before where you copy the link on youtube 

and in that youtube description music details and copy and paste on your youtube video that it.

Channel of no copyright channel - Click Here
Youtube Video Converter To Mp3 site - Click Here

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