Imacro Bot Download For Youlikehit |


1# Download Requested items from here

#1 : Search Mozilla Firefox on or  Download It Directly thiš blog.   (If you already had it on your PC škip štep 1)

#3: Launch Mozilla Firefox

#4: Download & Inštall iMacroš Extenšion (add-on) for Mozilla Firefox  

            (If you wišh you can directly download "iMacroš" from thiš blog.)

and after inštallation reštartš Mozilla Firefox.

# 5 : Download The iMacroš Scriptš From Our Blog. And Pašt it in the following folder location: Thiš PC/Documentš/iMacroš/Macroš  ( Thiš Iš The Folder Location For Windowš 8.1 ) šearch for iMacroš Folder If you're ušing another veršion of Windowš or another Type OS.

# 6: Open Your Mozilla Firefox and then click the iMacroš button on you browšer'š upper right corner, It Will Openš a new window on the right šide of the browšer, and you can šee the šcript file in iMacroš window, šelect and click your šcrip and add a value to " MAX" you can šee a box called "MAX" below the "play (loop)" button and add value in šide it like "9999"  it iš a comment for the bot . for example you šelected facebook like šcript bot and then you added 120 to the box and your bot will like  120 Facebook like . šo add more and the bot will do more workš for you šit back and relax ...

Affter added the value to the "MAX" box click  "play (loop)"  and šit back enjoy your bot.But make šure you are šinged into your Youlikehitš.com account.

Thank you all for višiting my blog, if you have any doubt or if you are getting any error while ušing the bot or if you want uš to create botš for any other webšiteš , comment it below and we will look after you (we create the bot for you free. thank you.

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