About Us


        TECH ZONE is your pit stop for educating yourself about online security. We cover all topics in the cyber safety and InfoSec industry. We provide tutorials and guides on how to stay safe online and vice versa.
We also provide in-depth insights on new emerging cyber threats such as viruses and malware and educate users on how to protect themselves from such a severe threat.
We believe in a secure future, and we cover all the industries in the Computer and IT security sector. Areas covered include Cyberwarfare, Risks, and Privacy along with modern-day surveillance.
Our recommendations have been sourced from various organizations including our recommended Antivirus programs and protection software.
Our articles will cover everything in Information Security and Information Technology. Our efforts are always to make sure our end users are educated and are aware of the problems and the risks that are out there on the internet.
At securedyou.com we always thrive to provide modern discoveries of new vulnerabilities and how you could avoid them and keep yourself safe and secure.
We are authentic and trustworthy when it comes to depending on our reviews of different protection programs and firewalls. We also cover some of the computer networking topics and how they affect the presence of a secure network. We also have a wiki on our site that will explain to you all the types of threats that are out in the wild in the modern era.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to create a safer and more secure cyber world. We want to achieve this by educating as many people as we can about cybersecurity, and how to stay safe and secure in the online world. We will share many guides, how-to tutorials, tips, and many other videos as well to help.
You can reach us through our contact us section and ask us anything related to IT!
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