Email Marketing for beginners | What is email marketing | How to earn money by Email marketing.

Hey what's up to you guys it's this article is going to be all about email marketing | email marketing for beginner

Email Marketing for beginners

 Alright, I'm gonna be talking about Email marketing. why it's so powerful and how you can grow an email list from zero to your first $10,000 but not just that but how you can continue to do that and create a residual income every single month.

kind of give you a vision of where it can take you and how it can really help you grow any business online so you can reach that goal of ultimate freedom, okay so I've been generating leads what we would call leads online for a few years now okay and I generate on average anywhere between 500 and 600 leads per day every single day and I want to explain to you the importance of this in the leverage okay but before I do that I want to explain the difference between email marketing why you should be doing it and then also different platforms.

the difference between growing an email marketing list and then also if you were to just use like a social media platform the differences and why it's so important to use email email marketing okay first and foremost is that you own your list okay you actually own your email list so when you have a list of subscribers you can email them but you actually own the list now if you're growing a YouTube channel if you're on a your own personal Facebook account we have a Facebook page or an Instagram account whatever all these other platforms are you don't actually own your followers okay so we're talking about subscribers followers on social media platforms you don't actually own them with an email list you own them now some people would object to that and say well no you don't because you have to use an email software service okay so I want to explain to you why just because you're using a service that you still own your list so yes you mean eventually when you guys get started with email marketing.

you're gonna have to choose a provider there's many out there mil MailChimp Aweber GetResponse active campaign and many more okay and a lot of them are good they all have the basic functionality of generating leads connecting and setting up an autoresponder I'm gonna show you guys how to do that and talk you through that in this very video and then send out an email to your entire list, okay almost all of them do that they have the basic functionalities of growing an email list so you can do email marketing.

now here's the cool thing no matter what platform you decide to go with if you have built an email list you can now export that as a see what is it CSV file okay which basically means you can take all of your contacts and you can keep them so you actually do own your list so I wanted to make that very very clear so let's, first of all, go over this how do you start an email list well the first thing you're gonna do is you're going to go to an email software provider.

first of all step, one is to pick a provider step two is to create a list all right now this list is going to be your main email list when people subscribe to your email list this is going to be your main list now we're not going to go into the details of creating multiple different lists or segmenting your list or nothing like that you just need to set up an email list okay you can name it whatever you want and just understand that that will be your main email list.

now the next thing that we need to do is generate leads to grow our list okay leads and actually, we might be doing something else but I just want to step you guys through the process of all this how this works okay you're gonna start generating leads.

and this is gonna grow your list I'll talk more about how to grow your list in just a little bit and now after that what you want to do is you want to set up something called an autoresponder. okay now some people may get this confused in say they think that an autoresponder is different than having an email provider and it's not an autoresponder is a functionality of email marketing, kay and what this allows you to do is when people subscribe to your list you can set up automated emails that will go out that you. you make ahead of time and they go out to your subscriber base automatically so for instance in what they call this is an email sequence okay so on your autoresponder you're going to set up for whatever email list that you create an email sequence and on day one when they subscribe to your list by what I'm going to talk about in a little bit is your lead magnet you're gonna deliver that lead magnet immediately to their email okay and then following that lead magnet or whatever reason they subscribe to your email list for it you deliver it and then following that for several days.

you have an email autoresponder follow-up sequence you guys this is very powerful and it can make you a lot of money all right so that's the that's one of the things that you want to set up for email marketing so the next thing you want to do is you're gonna be starting to send broadcasts okay broadcast emails this allows you to send one email to your entire list now for me personally at the time of filming this article my email list is 99 thousand subscribers now please don't let that intimidate you you guys yeah I mean it sounded it feels like it was just yesterday when I started to grow my email list I felt like I was going nowhere it took time I was trickling in a lead once in a while but I knew the power of it and I'm gonna explain to you guys how you can make money how you can make your first ten thousand dollars using email marketing and I highly recommend that you guys use email marketing because it's so powerful alright and for those of you who have heard that email marketing is dead and you're wondering should I be using it I think by the end of this article I'm gonna have you convinced that you absolutely should be using email marketing because if you're not your business is losing money alright I'm gonna say that one more time if you don't use email marketing your business is losing money okay so that's why this is important that's why I'm sharing it with you because this has created a lot of success in my business and so many other people's businesses and I believe it will help you grow your own business 

well okay so broadcast emails let's I'm gonna break this down now in how to get started what's it going to look like for you to grow a business and use email marketing and leverage it to absolutely help you grow your business okay so let's talk about this how are we going to go about this entire process the first thing that you need to know is you're going to have to create what we call a lead magnet alright hey lead magnet and this is gonna be something that you deliver 100% free for to anybody who's willing to give you their email now what you want to do is create something of value and I'm gonna share with you guys a way that you can do this 100% free there's many different things that you can give away you can create and give away a free course I'll give you a reference on how to do that 100% free you can also create an e-book give that away for free 100% free but you have to understand that you're giving something of value away for free too and target audience okay and you do that through by giving away a lead magnet and by bringing them through a lead capture page this is where they put their email in okay and this can have a headline here maybe even a little article here the whole point here is don't get too crazy with it all right you guys.

I've created so many different lead magnets over you know a few years of growing an online business I've done lead magnets where it was an entire page filled with all the benefits and why you should opt in for free I've even used article and had a little cool article I've tried you know really hard to create an awesome article to entice people to get something it's for free anyways what works the best in my experience and of course you can do split testing and you know that kind of gets a little bit more complicated but not really but if you're a beginner you could do something called split testing where you have page one and page two over here and you split test them so half of your traffic will go to this one half of your traffic will go to this one your capture page service will then tell you which one is the winner which one's converting higher which basically means which page is getting people to opt-in and give you their email address more one over the other whatever one wins you choose that and you continue to use that email capture page to generate leads then what you do is you know that's the winner then you build another one and now you're testing the winner against that another one and you can continue to do this to increase your your conversion rates but please understand that in my experience keeping it simple is best okay so here's what you want to do is you're gonna create a capture page now one of the one that I recommend is click funnels okay as of right now I am a customer of click funnels however as of this moment I don't have funnels capture pages and funnels using click funnels but I very well may do that in the future I use the most right now I have their most expensive option you don't have to do that you can use its $97 a month to set this up okay for a landing page and then get response or whatever is gonna be another $15 so no it is not free to do this okay you will need some tools to grow your business all right but both of those have free trials you can you can start on them 100% free to get started all right and if I remember after this article is done I will link in the description to both of those okay so here's what's gonna happen people are gonna come in that means they're added to what remember we talked about this before your list okay now they are on your list now what you want to do is automatically you're going to send them the free gift that you promised them and that's going to be in an email oh yeah and I told you I had free resources for you guys so for creating free giveaways let's say that you wanted to do a course okay just please excuse my handwriting all right if you wanted to do a course you can use something called teachable.

all right teachable calm it's free it's absolutely free you can create a course in there if you wanted to give away a PDF or an e-book for free you can create this for free and I'll just write an e-book right here this is exactly what I have done and I created it with canva okay see and VA I know you guys my handwriting is terrible but that's okay so these two you can go and create free giveaways all right and then in your first email on your autoresponder as you set it up you're gonna deliver it with a link to where you're hosting that okay and it can be hosted in canva and teachable has its own course creation that's a whole nother topic but you I'm just letting you know that you can use those okay so what happens is you deliver this email right and once this happens you can then start sending or your your autoresponder will kick in and start promoting to your email list it's going to automatically send emails out for however the specified time is that you choose so it can be a day the next one goes out the next day the next day the next day okay you get that right now here's what you want to do every time someone comes through a capture page of yours for whatever thing that it is that was free this is what I do I take them to an offer okay and instead of this being straight to the offer it might be something called a bridge page where you bridge the gap between your actual offer and the the capture page so they may come to the next page and then it's you or it's another article or something explaining the benefit of what's on the next side oh what's on the next page that would be called a bridge page but what I do is I monetize this I capitalize on generating the lead and instead of just saying you know having a page that says thank you for subscribing go to your email your free gift is there no why would you do that you want to capitalize on this because you could make a sale right there on the front end of your email funnel and right here you can make money okay because this offer whatever it is whether it's yours or an affiliate offer whatever it is that you're generating an income for yourself you can make money right now right pretty cool so here's what happens they go to your your free ebook or your course inside that ebook or that course guess what you can do you can point back to this offer and then with this one we can say this one builds trust okay and then with this one you can point back to your offer now this is the process of the Auto responder functionality this is how you literally can put a business on autopilot okay you literally do that and you'll start generating leads and you can start making sales without even doing anything your email follow-up sequence will start selling for you okay so now I want to talk about the main power okay the the the huge power of building an email list alright and I want you I really want you to think about this okay let's say that you've built an email list of 20,000 people okay 20,000 people and let's just say that only 500 of them open that email okay so what is that that's a five would be half of ten fifty what is that like a 25% I don't know you guys like a twenty five percent open rate or something like that so if you have 20,000 people on your email list and then remember what we talked about you send out a broadcast email okay a broadcast email of 20,000 people five hundred of them open that email so this is just open alright and that would be a very high open rate you guys just so you know and then let's just say that only ten people purchased okay ten people actually buy okay but now let's just say that the product that you are selling paid you a commission or if it was your own product pays you 100 bucks okay so now all we do is we multiply this 100 times 10 all right we're at $1,000 in in our pocket right for sending one email to 20,000 people okay now I know that this is just a straightforward basic example of email marketing but I really want you to think about this if you build an email list around a specific niche and you send that you know valuable information you build trust with that email list and you recommend a product whether this be as an affiliate marketer or you create your own products or services and you promote a product to them there is a percentage that will buy okay that's the power of email marketing and that's how I've got my business to where it is today is that anytime I want any day that I want I can make money and I don't say that to brag or boast or say oh look at me I say that hopefully to convey to you the power of email marketing and why you need it and you're losing money if you don't use it because at the push of a button when you grow a sizable email list in a specific niche.

 and you continue to maintain communication with your email list and you hit Send and if you have something that you are promoting that you make that will make money for you when someone buys it you can make money by simply writing an email and pushing a button very very powerful stuff you guys and so in this example you know you make ten sales off of an email it's a hundred dollar product you just made a thousand dollars in one day by sending one single email now here's the deal you guys so many people want passive income but you have to understand that passive income in order to get it you have to be active a lot of people understand that actually I might make an entire article on that but this can become passive income where not only are you sending broadcasts but like I already showed you you have that email follow-up sequence that is selling for you man it just sells for you and you can start to make money alright so you guys I hope that this helped some of you guys out there if it did let me know by hitting that thumbs up believe it or not it really does help the article and I appreciate you guys for that and if you want more article s like this on how to grow a business how to make money online I invite you guys to go down subscribe to the channel and hit that notification so that way you receive notifications of when I put out article s in the future this is Nathan with freedom influencer and I'll see you guys on the next article

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